Go to Oswaldphoto.com

Right click on white menu box, click on proofing

Enter your password of               , hit login button

Click open button, this will bring up your photos

Left click on first photo, this will enlarge the first photo, then put cursor in middle of photo, a play button should appear. Click on play, wait a few seconds and you will get a slide show. If you want to exam the photo more, cursor to the middle and a pause button will appear.

If at any time you want to see all the photos, click on the grid button, upper left hand circle.

Go thru them a few times, and then start putting the ones you like in your favorite’s folder. By doing this it eliminates having to look at all of them.  Favorite folders are by email, so you can have multiple people look and pick, they’ll all have a separate folder.

Please email or call 920.235.4469 with questions.

Thank you,

Jerry Oswald